Beggy & Kee – Pre-wedding

Commen bomhax flower is a special red flower which I want to shoot long time ago. And after this day I even think that it looks much pretty than some bouquets. I was also impressed by Beggy’s smile. Beggy and Kee is a very nice couple, long for shooting again for their big day! Makeup : Kimmy.

Beggy_00 Beggy_01 copy Beggy_02 copy Beggy_03 copy Beggy_04 copy Beggy_05 copy Beggy_07 copy Beggy_07.1 copy Beggy_10 copy Beggy_11 Beggy_15 Beggy_16 Beggy_17 Beggy_18 copy Beggy_18.2 Beggy_19 copy Beggy_20 copy

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